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Comparing email services: Aweber, iContact, ConstantContact, MailChimp, MadMimi, MailerLite and BirdSend — 8 Comments

  1. Hi Ellen, I am using Pure Leverage. I used to be an aweber customer however the additional tools and 100% affiliate commissions provided by the Pure Leverage affiliate plan make them a no brainer to me 🙂

    Great article and great question,

    ~Coach Mark Edward Brown

  2. Mark, I haven’t heard of that one but I have heard of GVO (it seems to be a part of that) and also of Empower Network, a competitor. If I’m right, they both seem to be Internet marketing packages that you can only join with an affiliate invitation. Affiliate programs are great (I give people my MadMimi email affiliate link) but I find that affiliate-ONLY programs are hard to judge. It’s impossible to read about the features on their website; you hear about it only from someone who is an affiliate. And when you join, the pitch is as much about making money by selling the product as about the benefits of the product itself. Am I mistaken on this?

  3. Hi Ellen.

    I’m using MailChimp. It was fairly easy to get started. Recently, I saw that Aweber is offering service that automatically converts your blog RSS to your newsletter and to Facebook posts. This sounds like a real timesaver and convenience to me. I’d then send a separate newsletter bi-weekly or monthly, in addition to the blog posts. Have you seen this? What do you think about it?

  4. MailChimp has it too. http://mailchimp.com/features/rss-to-email/
    It’s a pretty common feature. I don’t like it for a few reasons. I like to include only part of the blog post in my newsletter so that people have to click through to read the rest. It sounds mean, but I really want to get people onto my site. There they can find other posts and maybe even buy something. Also, I want to include additional content in my newsletter, such as promotions, a little personal content, a link to a second tip, etc.

  5. Hi Ellen, wow… I think I found “Gold!!!!” I have my website and have done everything on my own… Not very techy whatsoever, and have been looking to find different necessities for client based websites… Your blog, and this post is simply awesome…I want to start out with programs that are inexpensive but still productive.. I love that you offer various options!! I will be back often, Thanks , Anthony Fazzary

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