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Choosing a platform for your online course — 7 Comments

  1. “They may not integrate with other software you use” seems to be a recurring theme. I’m often frustrated by the glitches between the payment processor, email program, and platform. I’d love to find a platform that plays well with others and isn’t prohibitively expensive.

  2. Using a WordPress plug-in, making the course free from inside the plug-in, and having people pay on your website, then using an autoresponder to give them access is one solution. You definitely are cobbling the pieces together, but they are pieces that you are already using.
    Other options are all-in-one. For example, Kajabi includes its own email, but it’s pricy.

  3. My partner and I have been offering an online training program using Facebook’s social learning group page since 2019. We use FB Ads to get sales and so far, we’ve been getting sales from it, which we consider an extra income these days. We are aware though that should anything happen to Facebook, then it’s goodbye for what we’ve put up there. The raw video files are with us so I know we can design a duplicate or better course using one of the platforms you mentioned. The most interesting one for me right now is Learn Dash. But when the time comes, we’ll also try a few of the other ones.

  4. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and doing the research on the Pros and Cons of learning platforms. I’ve hosted Courses on my website but want to avoid doing that too much so am exploring a third party-platform. As you mentioned, the monthly fees can add up quickly. I also have a number of weekly training sent to members on Facebook. I do have them in my Amazon S3 account as well, but it’s sort of messy on Facebook for a new member to find them. Will use some of your recommendations, which I’d not considered before to do further research.

  5. Learned so much from this article. I’m just a newbie at this. Didn’t know we have a lot of options. I think I’m going to try the simplest one you mentioned: Sales page > Thank You Page > Autoresponder (automated email) containing the link to the delivery page > Course Delivery page. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Greg, glad to hear you learned from this! If you don’t need to drip out content or password protect it, the option you mentioned makes a lot of sense. Actually, you can use autoresponders to drip out content by giving people a new link in each email. This is often called an email course and it is easy to do and can be very effective, especially if the content isn’t too complex.

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