Which tools do you need to build an online business?

Recently, a client of mine bought a product that she didn’t need. She didn’t need it because she already had a similar product, one that did the same thing. But she didn’t understand that and I realized that she wasn’t clear on the building blocks of her online business — what each piece was for. In her case, she bought a page builder when she already had one.

What are the major Building Blocks of an online business?

Building blocks An online business has what I call Building Blocks. The major ones are:
  1. Your website, with an optional “page builder”
  2. Your email service provider
  3. Your shopping cart with a merchant account and gateway to process credit card payments
  4. Your social media accounts — I won’t cover these in this post

Secondary tools might be a webinar service, a pop-up form creator, an appointment calendar, and any number of other possibilities.

Just like toy building blocks, you fit the pieces together to make a strong infrastructure for your online business. For example, you…

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by Ellen Finkelstein

Renee Shupe of Get a Geek in Your Pocket on keeping your website secure


renee-shupeThis interview with Renee Shupe of Get a Geek in Your Pocket could save your website from being hacked! Renee Shupe helps entrepreneurs maintain their website and keep it safe and secure.

After watching the video, be sure to check out the summary with the questions I asked and brief answers. There are some great resources below the video, too, including Renee’s free offer. The video is 11 minutes short. Read More

by Ellen Finkelstein

How to Make Your Website a Success for Your Business–Interview with Kurt Scholle


This is the first in a series of video interviews with successful experts in helping you create a profitable online business.

Kurt Scholle is a Digital Website Strategist helping clients increase their Return On Investment and make their websites more profitable and easier to manage. He’s been helping clients get better results — and keep their website safe — for 25 years.

Below the video, you can find the questions I asked (and when) with brief answers.

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by Ellen Finkelstein

How to create a free transcription of a video


Not long ago, I interviewed Jason Fladlien of Rapid Crush for a book I wrote with Connie Ragen Green. It ran for about 40 minutes and I recorded it in Zoom. Then, I needed to get the recording into the book.

You can use YouTube to get a free transcription of any video and then Microsoft Word to put it into paragraph format. After that, you’ll still need to clean it up as well as add punctuation, capitals, and paragraphs.

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by Ellen Finkelstein

Video: Why you need it to market your business


If you have a message to share with the world, you need to promote it. You want people to hear — or read — what you have to say. You can’t get around this — you have to promote widely.

This can be hard for certain people.

Maybe you don’t think of yourself as a marketer or don’t like promoting yourself or even your content.

You might be an introvert.

Yet you need to get your message out there.

You might have heard about the power of video to elicit a reaction. On social media, for example, there’s quite a bit of research about the value of video to get “likes” and shares.

Before I explain ways you can use video even if you aren’t comfortable with promotion, let me give you some statistics.

Why you should be using video

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by Ellen Finkelstein