How to overcome fear of speaking–interview with Marjorie Saulson


headshot Marjorie SaulsonNamed both Top Speaking Coach of the Year and Top Motivational Speaker of the Decade, Communication Confidence Coach Marjorie Saulson is still going strong at 80 and intends to be the most fabulous 100-year-old babe you ever met!

Author of the #1 international bestselling book, Empowering Business Owners to Overcome Speaking Fears Whether You’re Talking with 1 Person or 1,000, she is also one of 50 women (including Oprah Winfrey and Melinda Gates) who are contributing authors to the book,  America’s Leading Ladies – Stories of Courage, Challenge, and Triumph.

For over 40 years Marjorie has coached reluctant speakers to find their voice, overcome their fear of public speaking, and communicate with confidence and skill so they can reach their professional goals and make an impact in the world.

Watch the video here. You can read a summary of the interview and get the link to her free offer below the video. Read More

by Ellen Finkelstein

Why you need to write your story



When people first come into contact with you…

  • On your website
  • In the audience where you’re speaking
  • By reading an e-book you’ve written
  • By subscribing to your email list

…they need to know a little more about you before they’ll become a customer. They aren’t too sure about you and what you can offer them.

They need to:

  • get to know you
  • feel comfortable with you
  • trust you
  • like you

That’s because a big part of the buying decision is emotional.

One important way to accomplish this is to tell your story — and before you can tell it, you need to write it!

What is your story?

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by Ellen Finkelstein

How to get more visible online–interview with Visibility Wiz Cindy J. Holbrook


You can’t get customers or clients unless people know about you. Visibility is a crucial part of being successful online. But not just any visibility. In this interview, Visibility Wiz Cindy J. Holbrook explains why you need to be visible to people who want what you have to offer and gives 3 tips to get you there.

You’ll also learn how to approach influencers to partner with you — she recently created an online summit with 40 top influencers. (I was one of them, speaking on getting visibility through webinars.)

Watch this 20-minute interview to learn how to increase YOUR visibility! Then pick up her “5 Secrets to Get Noticed Online” here.

Do you have questions about how to be more visible online? What has worked for you? Leave a comment! And please share with others who want to learn about becoming more visible, too!

by Ellen Finkelstein

Get traffic by speaking on podcasts



Your whole business starts with reaching more people. That means one thing — getting people to your website.

Are you finding that people who come to your website without any other introduction generally don’t subscribe to your list or buy anything from you? That’s pretty typical because they don’t know enough about your or your business to make a purchasing decision.

Customers need to feel a connection with online business owners before they make a decision to buy. Blogging and content marketing are great ways to start building your relationship, but consumers want to know that you really care.

The benefit of being a podcast guest

That’s where speaking comes in. People can connect with you more fully when they hear you speak. Let’s talk about how you can bring people to your website by speaking on podcasts and other online venues. Podcasting is a great way to start for 2 reasons: Read More

by Ellen Finkelstein

Uncomfortable doing live video? Get over it! An inspirational interview with Pam Fitros


online-business-video-Video is powerful. When you have an online business, you often can’t meet people in person. The closest substitute is video, especially live video. It’s the best way to connect with your audience. The exponential growth of Facebook Live and YouTube Live are good examples.

A couple of weeks ago, 2 women told me they didn’t ever want to show their face on video. Women especially can be overly sensitive about their appearance and so they are often uncomfortable doing live video. So I was thrilled to meet a very special person online, Pam Fitros. She has a rare autoimmune disease called alopecia universalis, which causes total hair loss.

An inspiration

I interviewed Pam, asking her about her story. Yes, on video. If you are uncomfortable about showing your face on video, I urge you to watch. She’s truly inspirational about being true to yourself. We also laughed a lot — I know you’ll enjoy it!

What do you think now?

Leave a comment and let me know what you think of Pam and share your own feelings about showing yourself on video.I do Facebook Lives in my private group for my clients and less often, in my public group here. That’s where I put my face on live video!

by Ellen Finkelstein