Interview with Kevin Fahey: Being successful by creating good habits and focusing on one thing


Who do you serve and who are your clients?

I serve marketers who are looking to build an online business from the start, and I serve marketers that already have an online business and are looking to scale that to a higher level. For example, if they’re doing $1,000 a month, we’ve got methods and strategies in place to show them how to do $10K a month; and we have a few clients who are doing $30K a month. We can also show them how to get to $50K, or $80K, or $100K per month. That’s our current client base and who we actually serve.

What is their problem, their need, and what are the symptoms of that problem?

For most people starting out, the problem is that they are looking to get traffic, they’re looking to get leads, and are looking to get sales. That’s what this whole internet marketing business is about. Their biggest problem is, for most people, is, let’s call it a buyer’s wheel of pain:

  1. Buying products expecting them to deliver all the results
  2. Then giving up
  3. Then buying another product


It’s basically called the circle of pain and we try and remove people from that by teaching them the basics and giving them an understanding of the business model.  That’s their biggest issue. A lot of people come to me and say “Kevin, how do I build a list?”

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by Ellen Finkelstein

Stay in touch with your list with less work


online-business-maintain-relationship-subscribers-1As an owner of an online business, you know you need to grow your list of subscribers. These are the people who have told you they want what you have to offer and they are your primary source of customers.

But if you don’t stay in touch with them regularly, you’ll lose them…

  • They’ll forget who you are
  • They’ll unsubscribe
  • They won’t learn to know, like, and trust you
  • And they certainly won’t buy from you

Maintaining a relationship with your audience is SO important, yet, like many online entrepreneurs, you might not manage it. Perhaps you’re focusing on creating a product, doing events, learning about online business and maybe even working full time. You’re busy! But being too busy to keep in touch with your best audience is not a good approach.

Do you know what batch processing is?

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by Ellen Finkelstein

5 steps to help you organize your time so you succeed without overload


Time management is extremely important for a solopreneur — or anyone trying to succeed for that matter. Here are some steps and tips to help you organize your time and get more done in less time.

internet-marketing-organize-your-time-11. Know the difference between what you have to do and what you want to do

There are things that you need to do that you don’t want to do — at least not right now — but they will help you attain your goals. Make a list of what you have to do each day and stick to it.

A great technique is to do the important things first; after that, you can spend time on the tasks that are more fun.

If you can organize your work so that what you need to do is what you like to do, all the better. You can do that by:

  • Making sure that you are suited to your work
  • Outsourcing or delegating tasks that you don’t like — or aren’t good at

Did you know that self-discipline is a predictor of success? A person’s success in his or her 30s, as measured by  health, wealth and more, can be predicted by how well they can control their impulses as early as age three, according to a study, published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Here’s a write-up of the study in TIME magazine.

This study confirms the famous marshmallow study. Watch a cute video about it here!

2. Set priorities

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by Ellen Finkelstein

Partnering for beginners


Partnering is one of the best ways to grow your list. In fact, anyone who tells you he/she grew a big list without partnering is probably lying. I once did some joint webinars and grew my list by 800 people in one week. It’s powerful!

online-business-partnering-for-beginners-1Going it alone is just not the way to succeed

If you’re scared of joint affiliate arrangements, don’t have any products yet and have a very small list, there are still some ways you can partner with others.

First, you need to create some relationships with colleagues who target a similar market but offer a somewhat different service or product from you. Get into LinkedIn groups where your colleagues might hangout, join some Facebook groups, look for marketing forums, and you’ll find people.

One of the best ways to find people is to go to a conference and meet people in person. But whatever you do, you need to follow up and keep trying — even if you’re ready, not everyone else is. Soon, you’ll find some people to work with. And the search never ends. Part of having a business is developing relationships.

2 quick partnering ideas you can implement tomorrow

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by Ellen Finkelstein

Find the information you need to move forward


I’m responding to the survey I posted — providing those of you who filled it out with content to help you with your most pressing needs.

internet-marketing-information-to-move-forward-1If you haven’t completed it yet, click here to complete it. Why? Well, if you read this post, you’ll see how I’m helping those who did complete it. Why not get your concerns addressed too?

Below, you’ll see the most common responses so far and the resources I have on my website to address those issues. Each topic’s content is like a mini-course; you could easily pay $97 or more for this information — on each topic!

Not enough time

Perhaps you’re working full time or have small children at home. You may just have taken on a lot. Whatever the reason, it’s common for Internet marketers and small business owners to get overwhelmed.

And after all, if you’re trying to change the world, that can be a daunting task!

If time is an issue for you, here are some posts that can help you.

The technology overwhelms me

There’s no getting around the fact that an online business involves technology. Unless you have employees to take care of all the technology, you’ll need to learn some of it yourself.

In fact, even if you do have employees to do a lot of the technology, you still need to understand it. So here are some technology tips and tools to make it easier.

That said, if there’s a specific technological issue that’s holding you back, leave a comment and I’ll try to address it.

I don’t know which marketing strategy to use

Some people spend lots of time and money trying out a strategy only to find that it doesn’t work for them. Maybe it was the strategy, maybe it was the implementation, but either way, it wasn’t successful.

This issue can be especially frustrating because we are bombarded by Internet marketing gurus telling you, “This is what I did. I know it can work for you, too.” Well, if that were true, there would be a lot more success stories.

The truth is that everyone has different skills and passions. Some people need more hand-holding than others. Some strategies work better for one niche than for others. So many variables!

This is truly an area in which it’s helpful to have personalized guidance, but still, I have some posts that can help you.

These topics were the most commonly brought up in the survey, although there were others, such as lack of money and getting noticed.

Was this helpful for you? Contact me if you’d like personalized business coaching.

Please complete the survey to add your own 2¢!


by Ellen Finkelstein