Antonio Carter on creating an affiliate and email marketing business online


In this interview with Antonio Carter, you’ll learn a tried and true way to get affiliate marketing results by creating review videos and hear how he coaches people coming from a corporate environment to start making a living with affiliate and email marketing online.

Don’t forget to download his affiliate marketing guide — see the link below.

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by Ellen Finkelstein

You only need these 3 things for an online business yet many miss out


onlinep-business-3-things-online-business-needs-1An online business isn’t that complicated. You only need to accomplish 3 things, yet I see many people not able to keep up. Here are the 3 things you need — and I’ll explain each in more detail:

  1. An audience
  2. A relationship with your audience
  3. Offers to put in front of your audience


It doesn’t sound so hard, does it? But I see online entrepreneurs having problems with all 3 areas. This is important because if you miss the mark in any one area, you won’t have a thriving business.

Look for the links in each section, because I’ll give you resources to help you throughout.

Problem #1: Not building your audience

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by Ellen Finkelstein

4 reasons to send emails regularly


4-reasons-to send-emails-1Your email list is your golden treasure, the basis of your business. Your subscribers are the people who have chosen to follow you — they signed up for what you have to offer. They’re what is sometimes called “hot leads.”

But your subscribers will leave you — unsubscribe — if you don’t build a relationship with them and offer them something of valuable regularly.

Many online entrepreneurs build an email list and then seldom send email to their subscribers because:

  • They’re afraid subscribers will unsubscribe if they send too many emails
  • They don’t know what to write in their emails
  • Their method of sending out emails is so involved that each email becomes a big project, taking hours

Does one of those reasons affect you?

The truth is that: Read More

by Ellen Finkelstein

Why authors may not be good marketers–and what to do about it


online-business-authors-business-1A subscriber wrote me, “Mostly I need to learn how to promote my books. I am good at writing but a novice at promoting.”

Is that you?

Authors tend to like being solitary. After all, writing is basically something you do by yourself.

Promotion is the process of connecting with others — and encouraging them to connect with you. It isn’t something you do by yourself.

Accept the fact that you need to connect with others to promote your books. It might feel scary, but you just need to set up a step-by-step system and follow it.

Find where likely readers hang out

Luckily, you don’t need to promote to people who are not likely to be interested in your books. This is a good thing, because you’ll get more support and fewer rejections when you stick to people who are already interested in the topic of your books. Read More

by Ellen Finkelstein

Why you should charge if you want engagement and results


online-business-chargeWhat percentage of people open your emails? For your regular newsletter, it’s probably 10-15%.

How about training? If you give free training, it’s probably about the same.

But what happens when you charge? All of a sudden, people value your training more. They made a commitment and so they’re more determined to get value from your programs. In fact, the more you charge, the better results you’ll get.

On the other hand, when something is free, it’s easy to think that it isn’t valuable and to throw it away (like garbage).

Of course, that’s not what you want your customers to do with your products and programs!

Free isn’t always best

online-business-why-you-should-charge-1Would you like to get open rates like these?

As with any series, whether it’s your autoresponders or a course, you’ll get fewer opens later on. In this case, they started at 75% and ended at 48.7%. But that’s still a lot of engagement.

That’s because the people on this list paid for a webinar series. If I gave it for free, the open rates would be much lower.

This program is low-cost, but it’s also directed towards professionals who bought the series for their work. In some cases, their employer paid for the series.

That affects the open rate to be sure.

So how do you get individuals to open your emails when they don’t feel obligated by their employer? Read More

by Ellen Finkelstein