How do I get started with a plan to make $1000 per month online?


online-business-how-do-i-get-startedA few months ago I did a survey of my subscribers. I do this every couple of years because it helps me know what they need. It also gives me LOTS of topics for blog posts in which I answer the questions and concerns raised in the survey.

A number of issues were from people just starting out. Here are some examples:

  • “Help me to write a landing page for at least one service or product to get me started.”
  • “Help me make a plan with specific steps to generate $1000 per month and what I would need to do to accomplish this. I am suffering from overwhelm and can’t make the right steps.”
  • “What are my first five action steps to get my business started?”
  • “If I start small, where would be best? I am trying to create content from my book to market that stuff first and build a platform so that when my book comes out, I will have a following.”
  • “What is the one most popular/ profitable/ easiest to produce / easiest to market product or service for a beginner to start with?”
  • “Help me create a sales page for virtual assistant work to get me started.”

Can you feel the frustration and confusion?

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by Ellen Finkelstein

3 online business models–and which is the right one for you


online-business-3-online-business-models-1On a recent survey, someone asked, “Which method for making money online is the easiest to follow and has the highest likelihood of success for the average person if they stick to it?”

Unfortunately, there isn’t a simple answer to this question. But there is a way to know which business is best for you. I wrote a series of 3 blog posts a while back called “The 3 things you need to succeed.”

If you’re searching for what’s right for you, read these posts before going any further. They will help make sure you don’t make a BIG mistake in your life.

There are 3 online business models

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by Ellen Finkelstein

Steps to starting a business


Starting a new online business? Many people don’t realize that the steps to starting an online business are similar to the steps to starting any business.

Write up a business plan

online-business-steps-to-start-a-business-1One reason people start an online business is that you can do it inexpensively. But just because you won’t need to go to a bank for a loan doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be clear about how your business will function — and a business plan can help you with that. You can keep it simple. Include the following:

  • Target market
  • Problem that the target market has that you will solve/mission statement — in the image, you can see a template for a mission statement that you can use–it’s from a talk I gave recently.
  • Your solution–products and services
  • Why people in your target market should buy from you (Unique Selling Proposition or USP), including a discussion of the current market & competitors
  • Projected income for the first 3 years (yes, it will be something of a guess–or hope)
  • Timeline for creating services and products to that you can meet your projected income
  • Plans for marketing
  • Plans for human resources/outsourcing

Come up with a name

These days, your business name is often inextricably related to your website domain name. While some online entrepreneurs create multiple websites — even one for each product or event — you won’t start out that way. Try to think long term.

In my blog post, “How to choose a domain name,” I offer some ideas that will help you find your domain name.

Consider legal and insurance issues

online-business-steps-to-start-a-businessAt the same time, you should think about whether you want to be a sole proprietor, partnership or corporation. Most people start out as sole proprietors. It’s pretty easy to register a trade name locally, at least in the United States. I registered my first trade name, Rainbow Resources, in 1991 and it was a thrilling experience! Although I don’t use that name anymore, I still have the document.

While most solo entrepreneurs don’t start out with insurance, you should definitely consider it as you grow. Especially if you provide a service, such as coaching, Errors and Omissions insurance can be important. Worker’s compensation is generally required–check out the law where you live.

Understand the 13 steps for online success

If you don’t understand how an online business functions and you haven’t already received my list, “13 Steps to Create a Successful Internet Business,” register for it — and my newsletter — here.


What steps did you take when you started your business? What steps did you wish you had taken? Share your experience with others who are just starting out by leaving a comment!

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by Ellen Finkelstein

What’s your message for the world?


woman with bullhorn-messageI know that sounds awfully vague, but let’s talk about it. It’s the job of each and every one of us to help make the world a little bit better. You probably do that with many small acts of kindness and caring for family and friends.

What about going beyond family and friends?

And what about your business?

Let’s think big!

If you can make your business part of that work to improve the world and if you can think beyond your local neighborhood, think about how much good you could accomplish!

It’s all about integrating your life and your business. It’s not always easy to do that, but when you can, it’s very rewarding. One of the first blog posts I wrote for this website was called, “What should I do?” I explained 3 criteria you can use to decide on the ideal job for you. I also wrote separate blog posts about each: Read More

by Ellen Finkelstein

How to take the plunge and start your own online business


online-business-start-online-business-riskStarting your own business is scary.

I did it gradually, as my kids grew and my husband was working — we had room, board and a small stipend as backup. For me, the scariest moment was after I’d had my business for several years with a steady income and we built a house and took on a mortgage. My business was the sole basis for paying that mortgage. I’m grateful that it has all worked out, but it was definitely a risk.

No matter what your situation, you’ll need to take a risk when you start your own online business and especially when you depend on it full time as your livelihood.

So you need to plan

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by Ellen Finkelstein