Which online business model is best? There’s no one right way!


online-business-no-one-way-1In spite of what the gurus and coaches say, there is no one way to make a good living online.

For example, I’m reading Russell Brunson’s Expert Secrets — a great book, by the way. In it, he talks about a statement that you need to have when you’re trying to sell a product. He calls it the Big Domino — if you can get people to believe that, then they’ll buy your product.

His statement is,

“The only way for you to exponentially grow your company is through sales funnels. The only way to build funnels is through ClickFunnels.”

He makes a good case for this statement.

Here’s the thing. I know people who are successful online who don’t use funnels. Read More

by Ellen Finkelstein

Create a clear, powerful and concise message statement–your USP


woman with bullhorn-messageYou can’t sell your services if people don’t know what you’re all about.

The same is true of products. People need to know in a few words how it will help them.

And if you aren’t unique, people won’t have a reason to buy from you instead of from someone else. They’ll also forget who you are. You need to stand out.

How do you stand out from the crowd?

Someone asked me,

“How do I put my personal message into two sentences that are clear, concise, and powerful?”

This personal message about what you do is often called a Unique Selling Proposition (USP). It shows your potential clients what you’re selling and why they should choose you (why you’re unique).

There’s a formula for that

A simple formula for your USP is: Read More

by Ellen Finkelstein

How to attain your goal–a 4-step process


online-business-attain-a-goal-4-step-processWe all have goals. Do you meet the goals you set?

As the end of the year comes closer, it’s time to think about goals. Did you meet your goals for this year? Are you planning for next year?

First of all,

  • Have you clearly defined your goals?
  • Do you believe in them?
  • Do you want them enough?

So first,  define your goals and make sure you believe in them and you really, really want them.

What is it you really want? It’s good to write this down, even if you think it’s impossible. Many people never achieve their goals because they think they’re too pie in the sky, too impossible. But you MUST KNOW what you want  in order to achieve it.

Now what?

To attain a goal, you need to take action. Read More

by Ellen Finkelstein

Create a roadmap for your business–and then follow it!


online-business-roadmap-3This past week I coached two people on a roadmap for their business. Both of them have been floundering for a long time, trying to figure out which direction to take.

In one case, it was a plan for a product. In the other, it was a plan for a free download plus ways to promote services.

If you don’t have a roadmap, you don’t know where you’re going!

And you might be going in the wrong direction!

A roadmap is one of the most important documents that you will write for your business.

You should create a comprehensive roadmap for your entire business that describes in detail what you will do to attain your financial goals. In this roadmap, you should:

  1. Figure out your target market’s needs and wants — and write them down
  2. Write out your solution — and why it meets your target market’s needs and wants
  3. Describe how you will bring your solution to your target market — including promotional channels, technology platforms, and product/service structure

Shorter road trips are also valuable

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by Ellen Finkelstein

What are my 1st 5 actions to get my business started and quit my day job?



This question came from my recent survey. It can be overwhelming and confusing when you are working full time and therefore have so little time to build a new business. But quitting your day job might be your dream!

How do you start? Where do you start? How do you make the right decisions?

Where are you starting from?

Your 1st 5 actions will depend on where you are now. If you have no idea what type of business you want–who you want to sell to and what type of products you want to sell–then you have some preliminary work to do.

I have a blog post, What Should I Do?, that will help you.

Let’s assume you’re starting from scratch but have some basic idea of what you know and like. Here are your 1st 5 actions:

  1. Decide on a direction and a strategy
  2. Research keywords and niches
  3. Choose a domain name and web host
  4. Set up a website with WordPress
  5. Decide on a marketing strategy

online-business-sales-funnelWould you like to know what comes after that?

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by Ellen Finkelstein