How to succeed in marketing-interview with Mostafa Hosseini


mostafa-hosseini-photoMostafa Hosseini helps coaches, consultants, experts, and heart-centered entrepreneurs achieve business growth with his 1-page Simple Marketing Plan.

His program, Simple Marketing Formula helps clients create a goal and then a plan to achieve that goal. He believes that your success depends on having a specific goal and a plan to achieve it.

Listen to this 12-minute interview to learn more…

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by Ellen Finkelstein

Antonio Carter on creating an affiliate and email marketing business online


In this interview with Antonio Carter, you’ll learn a tried and true way to get affiliate marketing results by creating review videos and hear how he coaches people coming from a corporate environment to start making a living with affiliate and email marketing online.

Don’t forget to download his affiliate marketing guide — see the link below.

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by Ellen Finkelstein

Finding your “why” is overrated


online-business-why-is-overrated-1I see lots of programs on finding your “why.” This means that you should figure out why you are in business, the deep-down real reason that motivates you.

The idea is that when you know why you’re doing something, you’ll have a deep motivation that drives you to action.

This is a big thing with coaches. It goes something like this.

Why are you in business?

To make more money.

Why do you want to make more money?

So I can improve my life.

Why do you want to improve your life? What would your ideal life look like?

I would be able to take more vacations. I’d be able to give my family the things they want. I could donate money to causes I believe in.

Why do you want those things?

To make my family happy, to make others happy, to make me happy.


Supposedly, when you “realize” this, you’ll be more successful.

Really? I don’t think so.

I know this is controversial.

I think we all know that we want money for the happiness it might bring — and by the way, money doesn’t bring happiness.

The insidious side of this

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by Ellen Finkelstein

How to work at home productively and happily


online-business-work-at-home-1I’m writing this just as many people here in the United States and also around the world have started to work from home.

They are the lucky ones, of course, because many others have simply been laid off or lost their customers. My heart goes out to them and I hope the situation will return to normal as soon as possible.

But for those who are “teleworking,” it occurred to me that my experience of working at home for the last almost 30 years could be helpful.

Similarly, there are many online entrepreneurs who have figured out how to work at home (with or without children) and still be productive and happy.

Why and how I started working at home

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by Ellen Finkelstein

The 4 main ways to make money with online products


online-business-4-ways-make-money-online-products-1How can you make money with online products? Many people think you just create a product and sell it and don’t realize there are other opportunities as well.

The 4 main ways to make money with online products are:

  • Product Creation
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Coaching Services
  • Membership Programs


Let’s go through each one…

1. Product creation

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by Ellen Finkelstein