Interview with Nkiru Asika: How to Stand Out with Your Authority and Expertise


Nkiru Asika is a marketing strategist, international speaker, workshop facilitator, and coach, based in Toronto and serving clients around the world. Her mission is to help female entrepreneurs build authority and visibility, so they can gain more recognition, earn more money, and impact the world with their work and ideas.

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by Ellen Finkelstein

Interview with Nicole Dean-Avoiding Content Creation Overwhelm


Nicole DeanNicole Dean is the co-owner of Coach Glue, along with Melissa Ingold. They develop and create done-for-you content, tools, forms, and training to help business coaches to make more money, run their businesses smoothly, and still have time to live the lifestyle they dream of. Another expression for “done-for-you” is Private Label Rights, meaning that when you buy the content, you can (and should) edit it, call it your own, and do almost anything with it — give it away as a freebie, sell it as a course, use it as part of a membership program, and so on.

In this 18-minute interview, Nicole talks about how she helps coaches avoid the overwhelm of creating enough content both for their clients and for marketing. Below the video, you can read a summary of what Nicole says and also get the links to her two great free offers:

  • A collection of 17 forms to use when onboarding a client
  • A free coaching program called “7 Ways to Add More Subscribers to Your List this Month”

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by Ellen Finkelstein

Antonio Carter on creating an affiliate and email marketing business online


In this interview with Antonio Carter, you’ll learn a tried and true way to get affiliate marketing results by creating review videos and hear how he coaches people coming from a corporate environment to start making a living with affiliate and email marketing online.

Don’t forget to download his affiliate marketing guide — see the link below.

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by Ellen Finkelstein

Why creativity is so important for online entrepreneurs and how to find yours

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online-business-creativity-1Have you ever wondered how some online entrepreneurs seem to come up with new ideas for products or promotions day after day while you struggle to come up with one per month?

And let me tell you, that ability to put out new products or promotions constantly brings in lots of income!

It isn’t just creativity, though. Successful entrepreneurs also

  • have top quality help — employees or virtual assistants
  • are organized — they follow policies and procedures
  • use the best tools — from their sales platform to their email service provider to their website page builder
  • and more…


…but without creativity, all of those aren’t worth a whole lot of money.

online-business-creativity-3Yes, you are creative!

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by Ellen Finkelstein

Finding the balance between what feels right and going beyond your comfort zone


online-business-finding-balance-what-feels-right-going-beyond-comfort-zoneSometimes, coaches and other thought leaders say something like this:

“Follow your passion. Do what you love. Listen to your heart. If it doesn’t feel right, don’t do it.”

Other times they say something like this:

“You can’t achieve your goals without moving beyond your comfort zone. Any action is better than inaction. Get out there and stretch yourself.”

Did it ever occur to you that these common statements are contradictory?

So how do you decide?

For some people, stretching is fun

I think that most successful entrepreneurs manage to achieve both because they like stretching, it feels comfortable to them. Doing something new is fun for them, even exciting.

But some people need to overcome their fears, because doing something new and taking risks are uncomfortable to them. Read More

by Ellen Finkelstein