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If You Aren’t Emailing Your Subscribers Regularly, You’re Losing the Foundation of
Your Online Business

That foundation is the trust and authority you develop with your emails.
It is an essential component of your business!

Join the “Build an Irresistible Relationship with Your Subscribers” 5-Day Challenge and automate 5 months of engagement with the people who signed up for what
you have to offer!

Otherwise, they’ll

I’m sure that YOU’VE signed up for subscriptions and forgotten who the publisher is,
why you signed up, and what they offer, so you unsubscribed. Why won’t your subscribers
do the same?

If You Complete the Final Task Within a Week after the Challenge,
I Have a Very Special Bonus for You that Will Supercharge Your Results!

I’ll tell you about that in a minute… 

Only $27 for 5 days of training, feedback, and a lifetime skill of creating a continual, irresistible connection with your subscribers!

Build an Irresistible Relationship with Your Subscribers 5-Day Challenge (CtWM)

One Secret Behind Why Your Subscribers Aren’t Buying

Your subscribers may need to see your offer many times before they buy.

If you assume that you can email them occasionally with an offer and get enough sales, you’re wrong. You need to build trust and show your expertise over and over – and make offers again and again.

You can’t do that if you aren’t emailing them.

In the “Build an Irresistible Relationship with Your Subscribers” 5-Day Challenge, you’ll automate 5 months of engagement with the people who signed up for what you have to offer!

Why I Created this 5-Day Challenge

I’ve been online since 1999 and I’ve grown my two lists to over 20,000 subscribers by using a variety of free offers. I’ve kept in touch with my subscribers either every day or every week for a long time and it has helped me get an excellent response to my offers because people trust me and know my expertise.

Yet I saw how hard it was for some of my coaching clients to stay in touch with their subscribers.

This was SO sad because…

So I decided to make the process easy in a 5-day challenge so you can simplify the process of staying in touch with your subscribers.

The Time Is Now

This 5-day challenge may not be repeated so don’t miss out if you want to learn how to nurture your list almost effortlessly. If you don’t, you’ll be working harder to get less results.

I don’t want you to continue on that way.

How Is The “Build an Irresistible Relationship with Your Subscribers” 5-Day Challenge Structured?

We’ll have 5 sessions:

Monday, April 19 — Friday, April 23 at 9:30 Pacific / 12:30 Eastern

Each day I’ll do a Zoom meeting. You DON’T have to attend live but if you do, you’ll have the opportunity to ask questions and get my answers on the spot.

You’ll also get an email each day with the link to the recording and your homework.

You’ll post your homework in the Change the World Marketing Facebook group.

Day 1 :

You’ll decide on your 1-page of content and the benefit promise (I’ll cover many ideas you can use)

Day 2 :

You’ll type it out and name it (I’ll give you a list of powerful freebie naming ideas)

Day 3 :

You’ll format your freebie in Word, PowerPoint, or Canva (I’ll give you templates!)

Day 4 :

You’ll write your opt-in page (I’ll give you a template you can use)

Day 5 :

You’ll make it work by adding the opt-in form code, thank you page, delivery page, and autoresponders (You’ll need some knowledge of your email service provider’s features and how to create pages on your website.)

Each session will be recorded so you can go back and review it.

By the end, you’ll have 5 months’ worth of trust-building, authority-building engagement done!

“It was a great challenge and it really got me doing the work. Challenges don't always have that effect on me, but it was just the right amount of encouragement and I loved the bite sized pieces.”

—Jan Small

"I implemented the 5-day challenge and wanted to let you know how much I gained from it.​I probably gained more actionable ideas from this challenge than many I have signed up for in the past. This process moved me to productive action in record time for me. Thank you! I also appreciated the kind and patient way you responded to everyone's personal challenges throughout the sessions." 

—Vicki Peel

By the end, you’ll have 5 months’ worth of trust-building, authority-building engagement done!


Double Your Reach

This easy-to-use worksheet will get your blog posts in front of more people than you ever thought possible because it’s systematic and comprehensive. Then you’ll put your link to your free offer in your blog posts.

The BARE System for Choosing the Perfect Image

A 4-part system for choosing the perfect image for your presentation, blog post, social media post, or book.

Create Attention-Grabbing Viral Video Posts in Just 5 Minutes

In need of video posts to promote your blog posts but don’t have enough time to create them? Get 4 customizable templates in PowerPoint format so that you can easily customize and export them in 5 minutes as short attention-grabbing videos for use on social media & YouTube.

Write Your Story worksheet

The worksheet helps you choose and develop the best story for your business, based on your life experiences! You can use this multiple times to personalize your blog posts.

Is This Worth the Cost?

The value of this 5-day challenge will support your business for years to come. You’ll be able to use the skill you’ll learn over and over. That’s right, when 5 months are up, you can do it again!

At $27, this is a small investment with huge potential.

Note: To speed up the process, you’ll be purchasing some pre-written blog posts. Depending on what you choose, the cost will probably be from $20-$50.

I Said I Had a Very Special Bonus for You to Supercharge Your Results

If you get your 10 blog posts and 10 emails scheduled (you can post a screenshot in the Facebook group) within one week after the
5-day challenge ends (by April 30th), I’ll promote one of your blog posts after it’s published to one of my lists of over 8,000 subscribers.
(I reserve the right to not do this if I object to the content in your blog post.)

I almost forgot!

For the month after the 5-day challenge, you can email me once a day, Monday – Friday with one question related to your blog posts and emails and I’ll give you an answer. Just this bonus is worth more than a guarantee and more than any of the other bonuses!

P.S. "With traditional marketing, you tell people you a are a rock star. With content marketing, you show them you're a rock star."

– Robert Rose, Chief Strategy Advisor at Content Marketing Institute and co-author of Managing Content Marketing: The Real-World Guide for Creating Passionate Subscribers to Your Brand

Build an Irresistible Relationship with Your Subscribers 5-Day Challenge (CtWM)

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