Interview with Alfred Poor: Better Online Presentations


Alfred Poor is an expert in helping speakers and companies create successful online events. His years of experience as a keynote speaker and event producer have led him to become a consultant for those who need to pivot to online communications yet don’t want to either waste time and money on expensive equipment or learn complex technical skills.

In this interview, Alfred explains who he helps and how he helps them. Plus, he gives a simple tip for looking better online when you’re presenting from a laptop.

We also had some fun with props and explaining why you can’t walk around when you’re presenting online.

Below the video, you’ll find a text summary of the interview.

Summary of Alfred’s interview

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by Ellen Finkelstein

Interview with Kevin Fahey: Being successful by creating good habits and focusing on one thing


Who do you serve and who are your clients?

I serve marketers who are looking to build an online business from the start, and I serve marketers that already have an online business and are looking to scale that to a higher level. For example, if they’re doing $1,000 a month, we’ve got methods and strategies in place to show them how to do $10K a month; and we have a few clients who are doing $30K a month. We can also show them how to get to $50K, or $80K, or $100K per month. That’s our current client base and who we actually serve.

What is their problem, their need, and what are the symptoms of that problem?

For most people starting out, the problem is that they are looking to get traffic, they’re looking to get leads, and are looking to get sales. That’s what this whole internet marketing business is about. Their biggest problem is, for most people, is, let’s call it a buyer’s wheel of pain:

  1. Buying products expecting them to deliver all the results
  2. Then giving up
  3. Then buying another product


It’s basically called the circle of pain and we try and remove people from that by teaching them the basics and giving them an understanding of the business model.  That’s their biggest issue. A lot of people come to me and say “Kevin, how do I build a list?”

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by Ellen Finkelstein

4 reasons why consultants and coaches should create products and courses


online-business-consultants-coaches-products-courses-1Are you a consultant or coach providing services to individuals or companies? Or maybe you’re a…

  • Healthcare practitioner, such as a physician, chiropractor, massage therapist, yoga teacher, or dentist
  • Computer training or repair provider
  • Virtual assistant or other gig worker providing a service
  • Financial services provider (bookkeeper, accountant, financial advisor, etc.)
  • Plumber, electrician, or other repair or maintenance provider


Did you know that there are 3 reasons why you should complement your services with an online product or course?

We usually think of some businesses as service-based businesses and others as product-based businesses. Service-based businesses have clients. Product-based businesses have customers.

In this article, I’ll explain the 4 reasons why service-based businesses should create online products, including courses. Read More

by Ellen Finkelstein

Interview with Alexa Bigwarfe on publishing your book


bigwarfe-headshot-512x512Alexa Bigwarfe has spent the last decade honing her skills as a publisher, author, coach, and book marketing expert. Her company is committed to providing the highest quality services and a customer experience with a boutique and personalized publishing experience.

You can check out her website at and don’t miss her free offer below.

Watch the short interview and then check out the summary and Alexa’s free offer!

Summary of Alexa’s interview

1. Who do you serve, who are your clients?

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by Ellen Finkelstein

How to structure a blog post


online-business-structure-blog-posts-1Have you ever found yourself struggling to keep up a regular schedule of blogging or maybe you wondered if blogging was even necessary at all?

I decided to write this post because I saw that many of my clients weren’t blogging and some didn’t even understand WHY they should blog. As a result, they had trouble establishing themselves as an authority in their field.

I also saw clients writing blog posts that didn’t either help them meet their business goals or help their readers meet their own goals. So, even when they blogged, they didn’t really know HOW to write a post.

Do you blog? Why or why not?

If you do, do you struggle to publish posts regularly? If so, why is that?

  • You don’t know what to write?
  • Each blog post takes a long time?
  • It’s not a high priority for you?


Do you feel like you’re banging your head against a wall?

I’ve been there! After all, I’ve been blogging since 1999 and been through it all.

Good news! I can make it easier for you!

How do you write a blog post? How do you structure it so that it meets your needs and the needs of your readers? What components should you include?

So, before I can answer these questions, you need to understand WHY you are blogging.

Thinking about my clients, it hit me. They didn’t even know why they should blog!

The WHY of bloggingonline-business-how-to-structure-blog-post-2

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by Ellen Finkelstein