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Power of Storytelling

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  1. Power of Storytelling by Ellen Finkelstein (usually $149)
  2. The Productive Writer Course by Nina Amir (usually $197)
  3. Book Launch Roadmap by Linda Stirling (usually $197)
  4. 2-Step Book Outline Template by Peggy Lee Hanson (usually $97)
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  7. Hook 'em & Book 'em: 101 Writing Prompts for Hot Facebook Posts & Other Micro Publishing Opportunities by Donna Kozik (usually $299)
  8. Really Simple Membership Sites by Connie Ragen Green (usually $199)
  9. Audiobooks! A Step-by-Step Guide to Publishing an Audiobook by Kimberly Hobscheid (usually $49)
  10. Get Booked! Speaker eBook, Audio, Speaker Sheet Checklist and Podcast Checklist
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