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Featured Experts

Connie Ragen Green

How to Email Once and Give Your Prospects a Way to Access Your Message and Offers Forever, and in Real Time!

Lou Bortone

V-mail is the New E-mail: How to Use Video to Super Charge Your Email Marketing

Cindy Bidar

Get Personal: How to Make a Connection and Make Sales, Too

Katrina Sawa

Email Content Planning Using AI

Terry Dean

How to Sell High Ticket Offers With Super Hero Emails

Julie Hood

6 Steps to Create a Mini-Course That Rocks AND Builds Your Email List

Ben Settle

Ask Me Anything about Email Q&A

Ray Brehm

The P.T. Barnum Method: How to connect with your audience, and get them looking forward to emails from you every day, even if you are just starting out

Kim Albee

Harness AI to Generate Winning Email Campaigns

Danielle Weil

Launch Sequences That Sell

Michael Whitehouse

Email for Infinite Effortless Follow Up

Nancy Juetten

Build your list with qualified, invested potential clients by appealing to a charitable cause close to your heart — and don't wait a moment longer!

Liz Wilcox

I’m Building My Audience. Now What? How to turn followers into customers with email

Ellen Finkelstein

3 Surprising Ways to Get More Clicks

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Meet your hosts:

Ellen Finkelstein teaches online entrepreneurs how to get their knowledge out to the world including how they can maximize their income with email marketing.

During her 20+ years online, Ellen has successfully created and sold dozens of online products and courses. She uses her experience to help others turn their knowledge into online products so they can transform others.

Ellen has become well-known for her contrarian and wildly successful email newsletter formula, which she uses to partner with other online entrepreneurs, rank highly on affiliate leaderboards, and gain clients for her coaching and training products and services.

Ellen Finkelstein

Connie Ragen Green is a former classroom teacher and real estate appraiser who left it all behind to come online in 2006. As the bestselling author of more than twenty books, independent publisher, international speaker, and entrepreneur, she serves others on six continents by helping new authors, speakers, and entrepreneurs to build their own lucrative online businesses.

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