internet-marketing-how-to-create-links in-blog-posts-4Do you have a product or service that helps people? Or improves the world in some way? You might be called a:

  • Social entrepreneur
  • Sole practitioner (coach, trainer, speaker, designer)
  • Heart-based entrepreneur

or, you might just have a life-supporting product or service and not be thinking about what you’re called!

We’ve heard from many people that the technology of getting online stops them from moving forward. Others say that marketing strategy just isn’t their strong point. We’re here to help!

We make the complex clear. We give you a step-by-step path forward to success.

We offer articles, tips, tutorials, courses, coaching, and consulting to help make your dream a reality–for you and for the world.

hoa-screenshot572x368About Ellen Finkelstein

Ellen Finkelstein has written numerous books on PowerPoint and several other topics and since 1999 has been helping people to present more effectively via her websites, and Along the way, she learned a lot about Internet Marketing, including:

  • Creating websites and blogs: Her websites get approximately 300,000 visitors per month
  • E-mail marketing: She has developed an e-mail list of over 22,000 subscribers
  • Webinars: Ellen has created and delivered dozens of webinars and organized the popular Outstanding Presentations Workshop webinar series, with over 4000 registrations.
  • Social Media: Ellen has grown her Twitter, her popular LinkedIn group, and Facebook audience to over 8,000.
  • E-books: Starting out as an author writing books with Wiley Publishers and McGraw-Hill, she has expanded to writing e-books and Kindle books. Find some of her e-books here.

As an Adjunct Professor at Maharishi University of Management, Ellen has taught Web Writing, Creating a Usable Website, eBusiness Project (final MBA project), and Internet Marketing. She also teaches a private Internet Marketing course.

Now, she is helping others gain the same success she has had. She has successfully helped numerous coaching clients and course participants improve their online business skills.

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