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Partnering is important in your business. You can’t grow it alone. But how do you get to know people so you can work with them?

You should be developing relationships all the time. Try to have 1-2 partnership meetings a week, preferably video meetings. Not all will work out, but a few will be the basis for growing your business.

This post isn’t about what you need to have in place to be ready to partner. That’s something else. No, this is about how to quickly create relationships once you’re ready.

You probably know who they are. They’re the well-known people in your field — and the not-so-well-known ones, too. Some of them are your competitors and that’s OK. But to find more, just Google what you would Google to find yourself. For example, online business coach, holistic health coach, time-management speaker, etc.

Then make a list of people you want to get to know.

Here are the 5 steps…

1. Subscribe to their newsletter

If you aren’t already subscribed, that’s the first thing to do. You’ll quickly get an idea of what they talk about, their approach, their focus — and if you think they would make a good partner.

2. Friend/connect on Facebook and LinkedIn

You need to be more than a subscriber. Friend them on Facebook and connect with them on LinkedIn. Once they accept, reply with a message. Tell them you’ve been following them for a while and you love what they do. Tell them what you do. Ask, are you open to partnering? If so, set up a meeting.

You should have an appointment calendar system. I use TimeTrade but there are lots of options. If makes setting up appointments easy.

3. Comment on their blog posts

Even the top entrepreneurs love comments! Read their latest posts and comment. Add some real value–add a tip or tell a short story about your experience. You need to show some of your expertise.

4. Reply to their emails if invited–or even if not

Some entrepreneurs invite you to reply to their emails. Take advantage of that offer! They really want people to reply. Even if they don’t invite you to reply, you can reply with a suggestion or addition. This is similar to commenting on a blog post. Don’t be a pest, just contribute.

5. Interview themonline-business-partner-2

At this point, they’ll know who you are, hopefully. Offer to interview them for a blog post or Facebook Live session. Do your homework and come up with some great questions. Offer to give them the questions in advance so they can prepare–you want them to look good! Some people will say no, but many will say yes. They’ll probably even promote the video/text interview.

They might offer to interview you back. Now, you have a partner!

Have a plan

Always have a plan. How do you want to partner with others? Here are some options:

  • Trade recommending your freebies
  • Trade guest posts
  • Invite them to contribute to a giveaway
  • Do affiliate partnerships
  • Do a joint webinar
  • Create a product together

The possibilities are endless!

Grow your list with partners and…

10 Free & Unusual Ways to Grow Your ListOne of the big reasons for partnering with others is to grow your list. (The other is to sell your products and services.) Growing your list should be a continual effort. I have just the thing for you!

It’s called “10 Free and Unusual Ways to Grow Your List So You Can Reach the World with Your Message.”

It’s free, so pick it up here:


How cool would it be to have others promote you? Leave a comment if you have tried some of these techniques or have questions. And please share with others using the Share buttons below.

READ LATER - Download this post as a PDF >> CLICK HERE <<

    6 replies to "5 steps to quickly create relationships with potential partners"

    • Leslie

      I enjoyed this post. Great ideas!
      I rarely reply to emails even when asked but that’s a good idea for building a relationship.

    • Ellen Finkelstein

      Very few people reply, so when you do it, you get noticed.

    • Susan Joy Schleef

      This is a great list of suggestions for growing and building relationships. I’ve used all of these at one time or another and they really do work!

    • Venison

      Those tips on “Have a plan” sound great! I’ll try some of them and see how it goes.

    • Beejel Parmar

      Followed Jake’s link and these were great reminders. Thank you.

    • Ellen Finkelstein

      Beejel, glad to help! Jake tried replying to people’s emails and got 2 JV arrangements from it!

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