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online-business-3-keys-good-living-without-working-too-hardThere are 3 keys to make more while working less

1. Automation
2. Leverage
3. Focus

Too many entrepreneurs get burned out doing everything themselves and doing it the long, drawn-out way. They either don’t get enough done to make a good living or they end up quitting because they’re overwhelmed.

It doesn’t have to be that way, but you do need to do some preparation and practice some discipline.

I’ll explain each key in detail below.

1) Automation

online business automationThere are MANY ways to automate your business. Most software is simply an automation technique. For example, WordPress, the software I use for this website, automates the process of creating the HTML that your browser reads. When I select some text and click the Bold button, that automates adding certain HTML tags.

We’re so used to this type of automation that we don’t even think about it. But there are some techniques you can use to really supercharge your workflow to get more done in less time.

The 2 biggest examples of automation are autoresponders and funnels. They automate your emails and your sales process.


online-business-3-keys-good-living-without-working-too-hard-autorespondersAutoresponders are emails that are sent automatically when someone subscribes to your email list or buys a product. You can set this up in your email, membership, and/or shopping cart program.

When someone subscribes to your email list, you should have a series of emails that people get over the next few days or weeks to welcome them, invite them into your community, and introduce them to your products and services. Doing this manually would be almost impossible. Turning subscribers into customers is the purpose of autoresponders.

When someone buys a product, the autoresponders should help people get the most out of that product and then introduce them to other products or services that would help a buyer of that product.


online-business-4-models-online-entrepreneur-3Each email list (and you should segment your list into several lists) should have a free offer and each free offer should be part of a funnel. A funnel is a series of steps from the free offer to one or more products and services. Again, the purpose is to turn subscribers into customers.

Although autoresponders move people through your funnel, you can also use a series of pages on your website:

  • The page that they see right after subscribing can have an offer
  • If you use double opt-in, the page they see after confirming their email should have an offer
  • When people buy a product, you can present them with an upsell by directing them to another sales page

2) Leverage

online-business-3-keys-good-living-without-working-less-leverageLeverage means that you use existing resources to give you a springboard to success–instead of doing and creating everything yourself.

With a lever, you can put a little pressure on one side to move a heavy weight on the other side.

4 major ways of using leverage are partnering, using existing content, outsourcing, and creating passive income.



When you partner with others, you leverage their lists and reach. You can partner to grow your list or sell products and services. You should be working with partners regularly. In my previous blog post, “5 steps to quickly create relationships with potential partners,” I explain how to get started.

It’s lonely — and difficult — to promote everything by yourself. Imagine having other people promote you!

In fact, it’s also valuable — and fun — to promote the products of others. You can make a significant amount of money from affiliate commissions when you promote products from others.

There are many ways to partner, so be creative!

Using existing content

You can reuse and repurpose existing content that you created. For example, you can turn several blog posts into an e-book or a video course. You can select essentials from an e-book to make a free opt-in. I’ve used all of these techniques.

You can also buy existing content that someone else wrote, called Private Label Rights content. You get a license to edit, brand, and format the content–and call it your own.

Most PLR is inexpensive. These days, you can easily find PLR providers who write well. You can use PLR to create most of a piece of content or just use it to give you an outline — that’s up to you.

Whether you’re reusing your content or PLR content written by someone else, you’re leveraging existing content to save you time from creating it from scratch.


Outsourcing means hiring someone to do some of your work. You can hire someone by the hour or project. You can hire a service that manages certain parts of your business, like bookkeeping or a website maintenance service. While some people feel they can’t afford to outsource, in truth, outsourcing lets you focus on the parts of your business that make money.

You can sometimes get an intern or virtual assistant for a very low fee.

Choosing the right person can also be tricky. I have a test that you can use. I’ve used it myself many times and it has worked for me.

Get it here.

Creating passive income

Passive income is income that you set up one time–and it comes in automatically after that. Here are some examples:

  • Create a free offer with a funnel to sell products and run Facebook ads to drive traffic to the free offer.
  • Put an offer in your most popular blog posts (ones that people find through searching)
  • Create a document of the tools you use with affiliate links to them and offer that as a bonus in all of your products

This is also a type of automation. You do have to set it up, but then it works automatically for you.

3) Focusonline-business-good-living-work-less-focus

Focus is what keeps you from wasting your time on activities that don’t bring you income. A BIG example is socializing on social media during your work hours. But it’s more than that. It’s really an entire manner of working. Focus is a combination of mindset and organizing yourself to get your work done.

Focus includes:

  1. Setting goals: Plan what you want and write down your goals.
  2. Managing your time: Put tasks on your calendar, set working hours and create a working environment that’s conducive to focus
  3. Being persistent: Determination and persistence are essential traits and practices for any successful entrepreneur


My course, Get Everything Done! will give you valuable techniques to make better use of your time.

Click here to read more about it.

Leave a comment and share what techniques you have used to do less and accomplish more. Anything you can share on the topic of how to make a good living while working less will be of great value to others!

READ LATER - Download this post as a PDF >> CLICK HERE <<

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    • Karrie

      The 3 keys you shared are really helpful. Right now, my greatest challenge is focus. But since I’ve semi-quit social media (I only go into it when I really have to for my business), I’ve been more productive since.

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