3-Day Done-With-You Program

I mean, really get it done!

Do you have a big project that isn't getting done? What if...

  • ...we worked together for 3 days and got stuff done?
  • ...we wrote web copy, email copy, webinar copy, sales page copy, freebie copy, e-book copy, social media post copy--whatever you need?
  • ...I included 4 meetings with a Facebook ad coach to get you traffic?

If you've taken courses but haven't implemented the knowledge, then this is for you!

  • All My Attention for 3 Days

    We’ll work tdogether from 10-4 Central Time using webinar software so we can see and hear each other and work on software together.

  • Discount for Unlimited Results Coaching Customers

    If you’ve already bought Unlimited Results Coaching, I’ll subtract that payment from this program, so you’re getting that program for free!

  • You Choose the Project

    During our time together we’ll both work on any project you like (your product funnel is a great example).

  • We'll Implement Together

    I’ll help you with copy, technology, product creation, list building, joint ventures, whatever you need to get your project done and ready to make money.

Here are some of the tasks we might work on
(but it's all customized for you)

Don't be overwhelmed by this list--these are suggestions. We'll determine what is important for you and your business and that's what we'll work on.


Helped me pull everything into a cohesive & dynamic extension of my business

I reached out to Ellen to help me restructure my marketing & products.  I had all the pieces but they did not relate to each other.  Her analysis introduced me to several ways of successfully integrating my products and marketing. We were able to brainstorm about marketing via my website, email, social media and other venues.  Ellen's insight has helped me pull everything into a cohesive & dynamic extension of my business. Working with Ellen was easy and enjoyable - wish I had done it sooner!  I highly recommend her!" - Margaret Ann Innis, Decorate to Sell, DectoSell.com

I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to grow a thriving, ethical online business

"Ellen is generous in sharing her years of Internet business expertise. I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to grow a thriving, ethical online business." -Holly Genser, HollyGenser.com

But, but, but... (you may be thinking)

I can't afford this

If you get the value my other coaching clients have, you can't afford NOT to do this. Actually getting a project completed -- with the guidance of an experienced and accomplished coach -- THAT'S what you need for a successful business.

I won't have the time to follow up with my business

That's why we'll discuss your time availability, your schedule  and work out a plan that's customized for you. And put everything on your calendar. We'll design your plan around YOU.

I won't know how to continue working on this business

The last bonus, Reach the Stars Club, will give you Open Office Hours with me once a week, plus a private Facebook group that you can access at any time. So if you have questions, ask! I'll walk you through the steps you need to take. Plus we'll implement a lot during the 3 days, so you can get a head start.

We'll waste a lot of time at the beginning for you to get to know my situation

Before we start, I'll ask you to fill out an assessment form, where you'll give me the specifics of your situation -- your website, your subscriber base, and more. I'll look over this before we start so that we can get right to work. Yes, we'll spend some time talking about what you want to achieve, but we won't waste time -- we'll get right to work.

How will we meet if we're not in the same room?

We'll use Zoom Meeting, with webcam, so we'll be able to see each other. We can even share each other's screens so we'll literally be on the same page. We'll take an hour off for lunch and 5 minute breaks as necessary. We'll start at 10 my time (or adjust for your timezone) and end at 4:00.

Amazing bonuses!

  • 30 DAYS TO A MASSIVE, RESPONSIVE LIST. A thorough guide to growing your list without ads, a $17 value
  • MAKE YOUR WEBSITE ROCK! A 1-hour video that will show you the way to a website that attracts your target market and converts, a $115 value
  • GET EVERYTHING DONE! A 1-hour video that will revolutionize how you spend your time, a $97 value
  • ==>AND BEST OF ALL! A 1-Year Membership for Reach the Stars Club, which includes Open Office Hours so you can get weekly 1-on-1 coaching (plus a lot more)! A $197 value

 I'm happy to offer you a payment plan for our VIP weekend together. Just contact me here and ask.

What do I bring to this 3-Day Done-With-You VIP Program?

In over 16 years being online, I've figured out a lot: My websites get about 300K visits per month. I've grown combined emails lists of 22K and social media lists of 125K. I won my coach's affiliate contest and have been on other affiliate leaderboards. I've sold thousands of my products and partnered with many other well-known marketers.

Most importantly, I've coached others to succeed as well. And I want to help YOU.


Only 1 spot available each month!

Don't miss out on this valuable

planning, strategy & IMPLEMENTATION opportunity!

This is an amazing and rare offer! (Compare elsewhere)

After you sign up, we'll arrange mutually convenient days to work together.

3-Day Done-With-You Program (CtWM)

P.S. If not this, what? What action are you going to take to turn your business around and make it a success?

P.P.S. Not sure? I understand that this is a big investment. Let's have a talk! Make an appointment to speak with me here.