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Ellen Finkelstein for Change the World Marketing


We’ve been creating online products and courses since 2004. We've built an audience who wants what we have to offer. 


We’ve helped thousands of experts reach a larger audience to get their knowledge out to the world, through both coaching and our own products and courses. 


We listen, we support, we care. We know how to get you started and then take you the full distance.

We provide a variety of free guides so you can get to know us

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10 Free and Unusual Ways to Grow Your List

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Product Planning Worksheet

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Reach More People by Speaking on Podcasts

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Write Your Story Worksheet

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Understanding the truth about creating & selling your knowledge/expertise can be tricky.

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“5 on a scale of 1 to 5. Any product I buy from you is always worth the investment. I know that I will get a high quality product and that I will be satisfied with it. I just love your products.”

Melissa Hickok

Perfect balance of skill, knowledge, and passion

“Every now and then you find someone with the perfect balance of skill, knowledge and passion for what they do. You find those qualities in Ellen Finkelstein. Her prowess in PowerPoint added greatly to my own knowledge and skill level, but her expertise in book writing has made a huge difference in my life. I have no qualms in recommending Ellen to any who want to grow their speaking, writing and/or presentation business.”

Increased my conversation from an average of 50% to 70%!

“As an Independent Financial Advisor, my business depends upon presenting financial concepts quickly, clearly and with visual power. Ellen worked with me to create a presentation that is unified, beautiful and incorporates people, symbols, charts and numbers (and some humor) in a way that is strikingly effective and pleasing to watch. Using this presentation increased my conversion from an average of 50% to 70%! IF you want the best, work with Ellen.”

Rick Miller

Financial Adviser

Helped me pull everything into a cohesive & dynamic extension of my business

“I reached out to Ellen to help me restructure my marketing & products.  I had all the pieces but they did not relate to each other.  Her analysis introduced me to several ways of successfully integrating my products and marketing. We were able to brainstorm about marketing via my website, email, social media and other venues.  Ellen’s insight has helped me pull everything into a cohesive & dynamic extension of my business. Working with Ellen was easy and enjoyable – wish I had done it sooner!  I highly recommend her!”

Margaret Ann Innis

Decorate to Sell,

Get the Guidance Your Knowledge-Based Business Deserves

Your knowledge and expertise can help people all around the world, so don’t hold it back!

You help others sustainably, you need to earn an income while you help people.

We can guide you through all phases of this process, whether you’re 

Just starting out
Want to grow your existing online business
Are expanding your service-based business to include online products and services

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13 Steps to A Successful Online Business


13 Steps to A Successful Online Business

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