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Which online business model is best? There’s no one right way! — 5 Comments

  1. This is enlightening! I’ve attended several online programs promising me huge returns but none of them worked! I was starting to doubt myself. Maybe it was really me that was the problem. Maybe putting up an online business is not for me. I’m glad to read your insight on this.

  2. What if I’m only a good writer but not so much a good speaker? Am I hopeless?

  3. I also hate it when marketers say that their way is THE ONLY BEST WAY. I have yet to find the perfect business model that fits me but at least now I don’t feel so hopeless anymore.

  4. Lourdes, that’s pretty much my situation but I speak anyway. I went through the Toastmasters program. I’ve done a lot of online speaking, using a printed out script (which I wrote, of course). When I speak, I edit the recording to get rid of long pauses, uhs, ums, etc. So, you’re not hopeless! Just go out and do it as best you can!

  5. Fleur, an online business is not for everyone. But maybe you just needed some ongoing coaching. Or you didn’t persist enough. I can’t say without knowing more, but success is a combination of finding a business that fits your likes and skills and then you giving it all you’ve got!

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