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Learn easy principles and techniques that designers use!

Introducing Slide Design for Non-Designers
New! Updated for PowerPoint 2016 and 365
(covers PowerPoint 2007 through 2016)

About the author, Ellen Finkelstein

Besides being a Microsoft PowerPoint MVP (one of 14 in the United States) and the bestselling author of PowerPoint for Teachers and many other books on PowerPoint and presenting, I'm an experienced, expert trainer in presentation skills. I wrote this e-book to help presenters who need to design their own slides but don't have design skills. I'm not a designer either and went through a long process to learn how to design slides that consistently get raves. I want to show you some simple but valuable techniques you can use quickly and easily to get great results.

Ellen Finkelstein

Discover the Complete Process of Designing High-Impact PowerPoint Slides

Your success as a presenter is greatly influenced by the clarity and quality of your slides
You need to express your ideas visually and clearly because people remember images better than words
Your slides need to help your audience understand and remember your points
Unprofessional slides will hurt your reputation

Essential Topics Covered in Slide Design for Non-Designers

Chapter 1: How to Create Custom Theme Colors — for branding, consistency, and a polished look
Chapter 2: How to Format the Slide Master — for consistency, professionalism, and huge time savings
Chapter 3: How to Use the Tell 'n Show(SM) method — so your audience quickly understands AND remembers what you say
Chapter 4: How to Use Layout Principles — to create clear, powerful, and persuasive slides
Chapter 5: How to Use Contrast — to make your points stand out
Chapter 6: How to Use Designer Finishing Touches — so your slides look professional and beautiful
Chapter 7: How to Use the 4 Layouts that Always Look Good — so you save time and create powerful slides in less time
Chapter 8: How to Keep a Library of Slides — so you don't have to recreate your best slides
Chapter 9: Summary — to bring everything together
Bonus Chapter A: Keyboard Shortcuts to help you save time
Bonus Chapter B: More Design Tips — more resources to help you get the best results
Bonus Chapter C: More Value Information — so you can get the results you need

Slide Design for Non-Designers contains clear color illustrations and
step-by-step instructions, in just over 100 pages.
It covers PowerPoint 2007 - 2016/Office 365.

When you purchase, you immediately get a download link. You can have this book in a few minutes and start using it right away. You won't find anything like it in bookstores — in clarity of information focused on what you need — or price.

Bonus downloads!
The bonus downloads make using the principles and techniques super easy!

A PowerPoint theme (.thmx file)
A PowerPoint sample presentation from the theme (.pptx file)
A PowerPoint template based on the theme (.potx file)
A PowerPoint presentation containing many of the slides in Slide Design for Non-Designers (.pptx file)
Rule of thirds measurements for widescreen slides (.pptx file)

I am learning so much from Slide Design for Non-Designers. I've been using PowerPoint for years, but the subtleties you teach about shadowing, belly bands, semi-transparency, etc. are wonderful enhancements. Can't wait to try.

Barbara Ingrassia, MLS, CCM

You are more than a Competent Communicator. You are a Master Communicator. And then some.

Ron Pero


Everything a beginner needs to know to start creating a PowerPoint presentation.

Plenty of diagrams to make sure you’re on the right track.

Kaylene Horne

Windows Expert — Consumer MVP

I’m working my way through the book, and commend you on its clarity and excellence.

Ken Chant



30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Return this e-book for a full refund within 30 days if you are not satisfied with it. There is no risk when you buy this e-book, plus the bonus downloads and video tutorials.

I wrote Slide Design for Non-Designers to give you reliable and useful information that you can use immediately to make your slides look much better and give your audience a better experience. If you implement the principles in Slide Design for Non-Designers, you'll know a LOT more than most presenters and will be able to create slides that are clear, powerful, and professional-looking.

I've learned a lot from this book already, even after doing PPTs for over 15 years at my job. Thanks!

Eve B Mayes

Here's the information about the video tutorials I promised you

When you download Slide Design for Non-Designers, you'll also have access to 5 short video tutorials on these topics:

Setting up theme colors
Customizing the slide master
Using the Rule of Thirds
Creating striking shadows
Using the 4 layouts that always look good

These tutorials will greatly help you apply the principles in the e-book!

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