Why you need endless custom graphics for your business
and how to EASILY create them


Do you feel like your website and social media are like a hungry beast, always needing new images and graphics?

I’m Ellen Finkelstein and I train non-designers to create great graphics for their online business!

Have you made these 3 mistakes when creating blog posts, social media posts, sales pages — anything that you use to attract readers and customers

  1. Using text without graphics: Research has shown that blogs and sales pages with images attract more interest and convert better than plain text.
  2. Paying thousands for a graphic designer: Way too expensive! Your need for graphics is continual. This can add up fast. Plus, most graphic designers don’t understand the needs of marketers.
  3. Using canned graphics: Your graphics need to speak to your target market, so they need to be customized. They should also be branded for your business.

So, what’s the solution?

How to design posts, pages, buttons, banners, and more
without looking like an amateur or spending thousands!

The truth is that you need a never-ending supply of graphics for your online business:

High-quality, free & legal photos for your blog posts.
  • Blog post images: To get more engagement, readers and shares to Pinterest and Facebook
  • Social media post images: You’ve probably noticed how people rarely share straight text, but often share images — get more shares, more likes, more friends, more of whatever you want to get from social media
  • Social media cover images: Easily create Facebook, Twitter, etc. cover images
  • Banner ads: Get more clicks, revenue, and traffic to your site
  • Buttons: Get more sales and sign-ups with unique, striking Buy Now buttons, Subscribe buttons, Add to Cart buttons, Click Here buttons — any kind of buttons you want!
  • E-book covers … and more: You know those cool 3D e-book covers that look like printed books and encourage people to buy? You can create them with a few clicks and drags.

To get all of these graphics, you’ve probably spent a lot of money on:

  • Sales page software
  • Custom design work
  • Photo-editing and graphic design softwareinternet-marketing-website-crazy

Have you ever bought graphics design software and:

  • it was too hard to use?
  • the results were amateurish? (Maybe others could get good results, but you couldn’t)
  • you never even installed it?

You’re not alone — and it’s happened to me, too! The software I bought looked great in the sales page video, but I just couldn’t get the same results. It was SO frustrating!

But what can you do?

I have great news for you!

Fortunately, there’s a solution and it’s called PowerPoint for Marketing Graphics!

Microsoft PowerPointYou’ve heard of PowerPoint, right? You probably have it already. In that case, you don’t have to buy any software!

But you might not know that PowerPoint is an excellent and easy-to-use graphics program. MUCH easier than Adobe® Photoshop® or Illustrator®.

And you may not know how to create quality graphics with it. But PowerPoint for Marketing Graphics will:

  • show you, step-by-step
  • give you templates and samples
  • provide video tutorials
  • and more

PowerPoint for Marketing Graphics is ideal for people who are artistically challenged. You don’t need any design experience or talent. I’m not a designer either. In fact, that’s why I use PowerPoint — it makes me look good!

And you don’t need to be a PowerPoint expert either. I’ll give you the exact steps to follow to get the results you need.

In fact, if you don’t have PowerPoint, you can use another program, such as Keynote, Google Slides, or OpenOffice Impress, but the instructions will be for PowerPoint. The instructions will work for PowerPoint 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016 or 365. You’ll be able to modify them slightly for Mac versions of PowerPoint.

Am amazed at what can be done within PowerPoint from a graphics point of view so easily – I own 3 graphic programs plus GIMP – and have been using one for this and another for that. So far PowerPoint has done everything for me since the webinar – and the  bonus is I don’t have to remember how to drive each of the other packages – maybe I am the exception – but personally I think  – you may well have a winner.” -Steve Boxall

Here’s what you get with
PowerPoint for Marketing Graphics

  • 3d slide imageVideo tutorials for creating ALL of the graphics you need: You’ll be able to create stunning, professional-looking graphics that attract readers and buyers
  • Done For You templates and sample graphics that you can customize: Buttons, ads, blog post & social media graphics, social media account headers, arrows, circles, boxes, and more. You’ll be able to create the graphics you need quickly and easily!
  • Resources for free images and graphics: You’ll have an endless supply of free professional, powerful graphics and photos — legally! Photos on iStockphoto can cost $15 – $20 each, and that’s without text, instructions, or formatting. If you use a handful of images a year, it would cost you hundreds of dollars!


PowerPoint for Marketing Graphics includes 4 video lessons + bonus downloads. Read on for the great bonuses!

Lesson 1: All about buttons

Create your own buttons!

You’ll see me create several different kinds and styles of buttons –Buy Now buttons, Add to Cart buttons, Register Here, and more — simple and fancy. I’ll explain what I’m doing as I do it.

You may not need buttons, but you’ll learn a huge amount about PowerPoint’s graphic capabilities that you can put to use for all of your graphics. Discover design features that you can use for logos, blog post images, social media images, and more…

Plus, you’ll get many extras! See the 6 Lesson 1 bonuses below.

Lesson 2: All about images

you can never cross the oceanI’ll show you how to:

  • Create blog post/social media visual quotes, complete with the box, image, and font treatment
  • Find images for blog and social media posts, using my special techniques for finding the right image, legally and for free — saving you hundreds of dollars per year!
  • Create custom graphics using PowerPoint’s tools alone or with photos, like the ones you see here. (It’s drop-dead easy!)

And you’ll get great bonuses for this lesson. See the Lesson 2 bonuses below.

custom graphics

 Lesson 3: All about website graphics

banner-business concept diagramsYou’ll discover how to create arrows, circles and more that direct your readers’ attention. We’ll cover banner ads, square ads and tower ads. I’ll show you how to create your own guarantee badge (see the Lesson 3 bonuses). I’ll explain how easy it is to create 3D product images that pop!

This lesson comes with several great bonuses! See the Lesson 3 bonuses below.

Lesson 4: One-sheets, e-book covers and social media account images3d book cover-example 3

You’ll see how to build a one-sheet (a simple brochure). I’ll show you how to design a simple but beautiful e-book cover — and you can use it for other products as well. We’ll wind up with a discussion of social media cover images– each account requires a different shape and size. I’ll cover Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook page, Google + and YouTube.

Again, this lesson has multiple bonuses — see the list below!

BONUSES! In addition to the videos, you’ll receive these 13 valuable bonuses!

Lesson 1:

  • A Gift certificate made in PowerPoint for you to customize and use right away! A $7 value
  • Instructions on how to quickly create striking graphics with bursts and stars, and a customizable image to get you started! A $7 value
  • PowerPoint files with loads of buttons, all customizable! A $27 value
  • Instructions for using the buttons on your website

Lesson 2:

  • Over 150 “hand-drawn” arrows, checkmarks, circles, rectangles and stars that you can customize for your website to attract attention, a $47 value 
  • Video interview with branding expert Alicia White so that you’ll have expert guidance to coordinate all of your marketing, a $27 value
  • Step-by-Step instructions for creating custom graphics, sources for quotes, plus free image and font resources (PDF), a $27 value
  • Customizable blog quote graphics (PowerPoint file), a $27 value

hand-drawn stars bonus

Lesson 3:

  • 3D e-book covers that you can use for all of your e-books. This can save you hundreds of dollars! (PowerPoint file), a $17 value
  • 5 sample guarantee badges that you can customize and use right away — along with instructions. (PowerPoint file), a $27 value
  • Ad-size templates (PowerPoint file), a $17 value

5 badges

Lesson 4:

  • My video interview with Social Media expert Angela Mondor, a $27 value
  • Social media account image sizes (PowerPoint file). Use these size templates to create all of your social media account images — Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook page, Google + and YouTube! A $17 value
  • My PowerPoint 2007, 2010 and 2013 Cheat Sheet that I give my 1-on-1 clients, so that you’ll have instructions for the most often-used tasks in PowerPoint, a $47 value

I’ve estimated the value of the bonuses conservatively, but they’re still worth $321 all together!

This is what your marketing could be like

persuasive-presentations-credit-cardHere’s what resolving your problem with graphics means in your business:

  • You can stop struggling with hard-to-use software and amateur results
  • You can have a website — sales pages, blog posts, and so on — and social media accounts that reflect your true branding and value
  • You can increase your conversion rate. That means that potential customers are more likely to take out their credit card and buy from you. One of my clients increased his conversion rate by 20% by using more images. One website increased conversion by 95% using photos.

Here’s what I’m offering you

Now you can have a complete solution for website and social media graphics when you get PowerPoint for Marketing Graphics.

“Expertise and generosity of sharing”

Marcia Berkey“I enjoy and use PowerPoint for so many different things. I am an advanced user and have taught PowerPoint classes for years. That said, I always learn something new from Ellen Finkelstein! Her talent, skills, and professionalism help the beginner to advanced PowerPoint user. Her expertise and generosity of sharing are not to be missed!” –Marcia Berkey, Program Director, IT Online; Online Professor for IT, South University Online

Imaginewoman imagining

Imagine having the skills to create your own custom graphics whenever you need them.

Imagine having templates and samples that you can quickly customize.

Imagine having striking, engaging, and conversion-generating graphics for all of your online marketing!

HollyGenser Revised Photo by Anita

“Wonderful course with lots of resources!”
— Holly Genser

JKoczela20131This was an amazing class.
I’m so excited to finally be
‘PowerPoint literate!”‘

— Jeannette Koczela

“Whether you’re a PowerPoint novice or experienced user, Ellen Finkelstein’s PowerPoint for Marketing Graphics will rock your presentations. Her list of nearly 100 free/nearly free images alone is worth the price! I was a novice (and a technophobe). In three short lessons I’ve come to absolutely love PowerPoint. Ellen makes it so easy, you’ll actually enjoy the creative process. My ToastMaster friends say my slides are the best they’ve seen. Helping others learn is a calling for Ellen. She even answers email questions! I can’t recommend this course highly enough.”
— Cathy Turney, award-winning author, real estate broker

Why I can teach this course


I’ve been teaching clients to create graphics in PowerPoint for years. I’ve been recognized by Microsoft as a PowerPoint MVP, (Most Valuable Professional)  one of only 11 in the United States, for my expertise and contributions to the PowerPoint user community.

I am one of the few people in the United States who specializes in helping people create clear, powerful and persuasive graphics in PowerPoint.

No risk to you!

guarantee badgeDon’t worry–you are covered by our 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee. All the risk is on us. You must be delighted with your investment or let us know within 30 days of purchase for a full refund.

We’re known for our excellent and personalized customer service.

Clydette photo 150 x 200 DSCF1010Exceptional

“I just want to tell you that you are extraordinarily clear, concise, and human. You are a breath of fresh air. Thank you for all that you do and have done. Your teaching techniques are exceptional.” – Clydette Clayton

Let’s sum it up!

burst imageYou need an endless supply of graphics for your blog, website, sales pages and social media posts. PowerPoint for Marketing Graphics will give you just that. You’ll get:

  • 4 video tutorials covering all aspects of marketing graphics
  • 13 valuable bonuses including done-for-you graphics, templates, and detailed instructions

To your success,

ellen finkelstein signature

P.S. The course will give you the ability to create an endless supply of graphics, quickly and easily. You don’t need any design experience and you don’t need to be a PowerPoint expert! Don’t forget that this course comes with a 100% money back guarantee — you must be satisfied!

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