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Around 2009, I got to the point where I needed help with my own Internet marketing. The problem was, everyone came to me for help because I knew more than most people. I kept wondering, “Who do I go to when I need help?”

It was frustrating.

You might see pitches for coaches, but they can be expensive. Or you might think about taking a course, but not have the time to commit to that.

There is another way. Create your own self-help group! You can call it a mastermind group or anything you want.

I created a group and starting asking local people if they were interested. A friend came up with the name: Women with Websites. Above is the logo I created for the group. We met twice a month. At first, I was still the one with the most knowledge, so I helped everyone else.

But the word spread and more people joined. Eventually, some people joined who were quite knowledgeable. They knew more than I did in some areas and I knew more than they did in others. It was a great match, because we were able to help each other, as well as the people in the group who were beginners.

Eventually, 3 of us came together and have been helping each other ever since. It’s been wonderful for all 3 of us. Check out their websites: (Lee Starshine’s site)

What was so cool about it was that by helping others, I got help in return. Have you heard the expression, give to receive? Well, it works!

Moreover, creating a group is free!

Tools for a group

Besides meetings, you want to develop some tools and techniques to help everyone learn and collaborate. Here are some ideas:

  • We created a Google group where we were able to put notes from our meetings, documents, and more.Other options are private Facebook or LinkedIn groups.
  • We created a website and used it as a “sandbox,” a place where members could go to experiment. For example, we installed WordPress to give everyone a chance to learn it.
  • We invited speakers — not all women! They were happy to get potential customers and we were happy to learn.

Have you used a similar technique to learn more? Leave a comment and share your experience!

READ LATER - Download this post as a PDF >> CLICK HERE <<

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      Thanks Ellen, you always provide such amazing tips, and all your tips are easy tasks that get over big problems.

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