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Have you ever posted a question as a comment on a blog, but then had to check back regularly to see if you got an answer?

Have you ever posted a question on a discussion group/forum and checked a box asking to get an e-mail whenever there was a reply? Then, when you got an answer, you received an e-mail with a link to the post, so you were able to easily find your answer!

Engagement is important

You can turn each blog post into a mini discussion group by installing a plug-in called Comment Reply Notification. When readers ask a question — or just comment — they can choose to be notified by e-mail when there’s an answer or another comment. Then, they can reply back, starting a real conversation!

As a social entrepreneur or solopreneur, you need to use every means possible to engage your site visitors. You’re not a faceless corporation with a big name that everyone knows. So a plug-in like this can greatly increase engagement and bring viewers back again and again.

Here’s what readers see when you install this plug-in.


How to install a WordPress plug-in

If you have a WordPress website, you should know how to install plug-ins. The easy way is to go to your Dashboard, choose Plugins, Add New, search for the plugin, install it and then activate it. You may also have to specify some settings.

Here’s a video showing how I installed this plug-in on another WordPress blog that I have.


I want you to do 3 things!

Get your readers involved! Here are 3 steps that I want you to take:
  1. At the bottom of this post, add a comment. If you’re on my blog’s home page, click the Comments link at the bottom first. Complete the “Leave a Reply” form. Be sure that the “Notify me of follow-up comments via e-mail” check box is checked (it is by default). When you get an e-mail that someone else has replied, reply back — start a conversation with your fellow readers!
  2. Install the Comment Reply Notification plugin for your blog.
  3. After a week or 2, come back to the comments for this post and let everyone know how it worked for you.

READ LATER - Download this post as a PDF >> CLICK HERE <<

    8 replies to "Install a plug-in to engage your blog readers"

    • Victor Hunt

      Another timely post again. A few weeks ago I was wondering if this feature existed for my blog. Someone would ask a question. I would dilligently answer the question. And then…..wonder if they ever saw the answer. I will install it and report how it goes.

    • Ellen Finkelstein

      Great! I look forward to hearing the results. I’ve already seen increased commenting on my blogs.

    • free speech

      Thank you, I’ve just been searching for information approximately this subject for ages and yours is the best I’ve came upon till now.

    • EllenFinkelstein

      Glad to help!

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    • Angela Goodeve

      Thanks Ellen! You made it so easy with the video…my plugin is now installed!

      With Gratitude,

      Angela 🙂

    • EllenFinkelstein

      Glad to help! I left a comment to test it

    • Dawn Howard Weaver

      Hi Ellen,

      I tried this particular plug-in once and seemed to get some spam with it. I am going to try it again and see what happens.

      This is an extremely friendly website – thanks. I love the video.


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