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online-business-increase-conversion-with-images-1Kissmetrics is a blog about analytics, marketing, and testing. It’s a great place to go to get statistics about what works in marketing and what doesn’t.

I speak a lot about the importance of images for business — images on your blog, in your presentations, on sales pages, and in social media. So I found this post, “7 Tips to Boost Your Site’s Conversion Rate Using Images” very interesting. The main point is that when you use images and graphics well, you can increase conversion and engagement.

Here are the main points.

1. Emotions rule

Emotions are powerful motivators and images rule when it comes to eliciting emotions.

2. Consider getting a mascot

Cute creatures help with branding. Think of the MailChimp monkey, for example.

3. Give your images a human touch

He gives an example of a website that sells art. Of course, they show pictures of the art so buyers can decide what they want to buy. During A/B testing, they swapped the paintings with the photo of the artist. Amazingly, this increased their conversion rate 95%. That’s almost double!

4. Think outside the box

This could be anything, of course, but they give an excample of a clothing site that lets you rotate the model 360°.

5. Show validation

People want someone else’s opinion. You’ll get the best results when you add a headshot of the person who gave the testimonial. I sometimes find a LinkedIn or Facebook photo and ask if I can use that and almost always the person agrees,.

6. It’s about them, not you

Try to make your photos look like customers enjoying themselves using your products. Make your images meaningful, not just decorative.

7. Stop using bad, stock photos

Stay away from overused, stock photos like handshakes.

READ LATER - Download this post as a PDF >> CLICK HERE <<

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