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How to sell a product online — understanding the technology — 8 Comments

  1. Nice summary, Ellen. At one point, you had to download the documentation from Verisign and code the shopping cart and account links from scratch. End customers found a different experience at every web site, some less than intuitive. It’s sooo much easier now. But still, there are some challenges. If you do decide to have your own merchant account, comparing them is a headache. They each have different fee structures and rates – per transaction, percent, etc. I was reading an article in the paper yesterday about the amounts of money involved in just a small variation in fees. 2-3% adds up.

    There is also the other factor of supplier change. Paypal used to give the end user the choice between logging in and using Paypal or simply using a credit card. Now, they require you to log in even to use your credit card and your account now lists all your purchases. In other words, their ubiquity allows them to track your spending. Some customers may be put off by that.

  2. David, I wasn’t aware that people have to log into PayPal — what if they don’t have an account? I am aware that some people don’t like PayPal and twice I’ve had corporate customers’ credit cards be rejected — very frustrating. But mostly it works well.

    I find the separate options complicated — as you said, the fees are hard to dissemble. You have to assume x amount of sales and y number of transactions and then see what the fees would be.

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  4. Hey David, did you end up switching to 1ShoppingCart? This is technically how to set it up, but getting people to want to purchase is the most difficult part. At least in my experience.

  5. Andrew, I think it was me, not David. We’re still testing it. Except for the fact that it was down for a couple of minutes today, it seems to do what I need. So far, we’ve tested one product that they host. Now we’re testing a product that we host on Amazon S3. Then we’ll test the affiliate system. I have a LONG list of things to test!

  6. David, I just did a test purchase in 1shoppingcart and you don’t have to log into PayPal, even if you do have an account. When I test my own products, I can’t use PayPal — they won’t let you buy your own product — so I have to use a credit card. I don’tlog in.

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