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In some LinkedIn groups, I’ve been in discussions with coaches and other small business owners about their websites. As I’ve looked at these websites, I’ve seen a number of mistakes that are easily corrected.

internet-marketing-7-requirements-for-a-successful-website-1Fixing these mistakes would improve the success of these people a lot! They would get more traffic, more comments, and more business.

So here is my list of 7 requirements for a successful website.

1. Use a self-hosted WordPress website

A self-hosted WordPress website means that you pay for your domain name and web hosting. It means that you install WordPress.from Most web hosts help you automate this process.  If you don’t know the difference between and, see my post on that topic.

If you think that a WordPress website is hard to create, I beg to differ. I have a course that shows you how to do it in less than an hour. Really. Just buy your domain and web hosting, write your content, create an e-mail service account and then set aside 1 hour.

Buy the course. So, there are no excuses for you not to have a website.

With a WordPress website, you put your blog and website in the same place. Does this sound obvious? You can’t believe how many websites I see that use separate URLs for their website and their blog. It’s very confusing to visitors (your potential clients) and looks unprofessional.

2. Create a simple, clear, inviting home page

Make your home page simple! Write your Unique Selling Proposition — what you offer and to whom. Don’t say “Welcome to my website” or anything else that isn’t necessary.

The top banner image shouldn’t be tall enough to push text below the fold on a 13-15″ monitor. You want people to immediately see what you have to say.

When you can manage it, add a video on the home page. Video attracts attention.

3. Create a free download and offer it in return for subscribing

Create an opt-iin form and offer visitors a free report or other download in return for their name and email address. Use the email addresses to create a regular newsletter.

My course explains how to do this.

4. Have a Contact page

Make sure people can easily see how to contact you! Create a webpage with a contact form. Also add your email, phone number and address. Remember, you’re a business!

Be sure to use a business email address. Don’t use a gmail, yahoo, or hotmail account. Learn how here.

5. Have a vibrant blog with valuable content

Keep your blog posts regular (at least weekly) and not too long. Use WordPress’ More tag so the blog page shows many blog posts. The More tag cuts off the post on your blog’s main page (at a point you choose) so that people can scroll through all of your posts easily. To read more, they just click the More link.

6. Create an About page

Create an About page, that tells a little about yourself, including your story. Add testimonials. Later, create a separate testimonial page

7. Have a Services or Coaching page

Create a page that describes your services and explains how people can get started. Add a Products page when you’re ready.

What else?

Is there more? Of course! But these are the basic requirements that you have to start with.

Does your website have all of these components? If not, why not? Leave a comment or ask a question!

READ LATER - Download this post as a PDF >> CLICK HERE <<

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