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Double opt-in or single opt-in? That is the question — 6 Comments

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  2. I also lose a tremendous number of subscribers because of double opt-in emails ending up in peoples spam box. I suspect that many of those people do want to subscribe but wonder whatever happened to their subscriptions and free reports after they signed up for Savvy Veg newsletters. There is an option to confirm subscriptions on Mad Mimi, but if I do that then I’m guessing that people don’t get their free reports that they signed up for. I’ve gotten a few emails about that. So it is a dilemna. I’m seriously considering switching to single opt in to see how it goes.

  3. Judith, you can actually get specific numbers in MadMimi (didn’t know you used it, as I do). At the bottom of the Audience tab, on the left, click Suppressed. Now scroll up and look at the breakdown of the suppressed people. You’ll see Unsubscribed, By Me, Unconfirmed, and Marked as Spam. Click Unconfirmed. Then click the Email check box at the top and you’ll see a message with the number. For example, mine says, “Select 1003 people?”

    As you said, you can choose single opt-in. In MadMimi, when you create a web form for a list, the option is at the bottom of the Advanced tab. If you try it, let me know your result!

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  5. Hey Ellen, I have tried both single and double optin. In the end I went with single. I chose to make it easy for folks to enter and find ways to weed them out later on. I also got feedback from lots of folks before I made the decision as well. To me it follows the rule of making it easy to enter my optin funnel and trying to keep as many obstacles as possible out of the way. My solo ad selling friends only do single optin and they do some pretty massive list building.

  6. John, thanks for that perspective. Every time I look at my stats and see the number of people who didn’t confirm, it drives me crazy. And I agree that you can weed out people later on by segmenting your list. I’m just not there yet — meaning I don’t properly segment my list. It’s coming!

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