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When I started my website in 1999, I wasn’t selling anything. I created the website to support my books, first on AutoCAD and then on PowerPoint.

internet-marketing-ads-or-products-1When Google started its Adsense program, letting website owners put ads on their websites, I joined because it was a way to earn some money — without any work, I might add.

But then, I started creating and selling my own products, especially related to PowerPoint and presenting.

  • I wrote e-books and sold them.
  • I gave live webinars and sold them.
  • I sold the webinar recordings.
  • I started doing 1-on-1 presentation coaching and sold that.
  • I started doing corporate training and sold that.
  • I created my Business Concept Diagrams and sold that.

One or the other

All of a sudden, ads didn’t look very good. In fact, they looked unprofessional.

Just as important, I realized that ads were sending people away from my website. Not what I wanted!

So I took the Google and 3rd-party ads off my home page the PowerPoint/presenting side of my website — with a few exceptions.

I do have some ads for my own products. I also put ads for my own products and services in my email newsletters.

It feels better now.

I think that my visitors are more likely to buy my products, since there aren’t competing ads.

Different ways of bringing in income

There’s nothing wrong with putting ads on a website if that’s the way you’ve chosen to make your living. Many people who blog for a living make their income with ads. They may also sell affiliate products and make a commission.

But if you are a professional who sells your own products and services, be aware that ads split the attention of your viewers and lead them away from you products and services.

And by the way, I make a lot more money selling my own products and services than I ever did with ads.

Do you have ads on your website? Is it profitable for you?


READ LATER - Download this post as a PDF >> CLICK HERE <<

    2 replies to "Do you display ads? Focus on your own products instead"

    • David

      Great advice, Ellen. Really related products like Affiliates can be useful.
      I’ve also been disappointed how indiscriminate Google is about their ads, allowing all kinds of cross-linked spam sites that steal content and offer no depth or value – simply to get ad hits.

    • EllenFinkelstein

      David, I agree about affiliate products, but as you say, they need to be really related. And you need to continually market them. Regarding Google, I think it depends on your topic. My topics are so focused on AutoCAD and PowerPoint that I got related ads, but sometimes I got PowerPoint ads on my AutoCAD pages and vice versa.

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