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Adding video to your website–Part IIb: Using PowerPoint — 3 Comments

  1. Hey – nice video! Here’s my process. I create the PPT and put my script in the Notes section. Then I email the PPT to myself and pick it up on my iPad. I open the email on my iPad and open with Keynote and switch to the Presenter Notes view. Then I go back to my computer (with the iPad by my side) and use Snagit video capture. I start the PowerPoint in full screen and hit record. I manually advance the slides and use the iPad for my script. I used this same process over and over for a product I developed. It is the easiest way for they way I work.

  2. And you’re recording your voice in SnagIt?
    So you’re using the iPad as a teleprompter. Cool technique; it saves paper — I always print my script out.

  3. Hi Ellen!

    I’ve been on your list for a while, and I’m a little embarrassed to admit, this is my very first visit to your site! That just changed!

    I’ll definitely start sharing more of your extremely helpful content. Power Point is definitely a lot of fun.

    It will be great to see ‘how” many more useful tips I can discover! Thanks for sharing!

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